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Ask iAN – Letter of the month

   iAN I read your reply to Violetka on the BRMC forum and totally loved every word! A good friend of mine is at a point in her life where she has lost her self esteem and confidence and isn’t sure about which path to take in life regarding her career etc and I sent […]

Ask iAN – This Majik Moment

    Sister Flo I have found no advantages in living either of those ways. When i’ve lived like there would be no tomorrow, I’ve often found myself In Jail and when i live and plan for the future, things don’t seem to pan out, cancelations are made due to changed plans and non refundable […]

With You

It doesn’t matter what we do when I am with you we could be kicking cans with our boots on or chunking shit off a bridge stealing oranges or smoking at the magazine stand writing black words on a white wall hoofing past dozers under the white fuck all Sun you smell like a guitar […]


The only time it’s too Late is when you’re Dead. The Universe and You have infinite amounts of possibility & Spirit.  You have to dump fear in the traush can and put your right foot out there, then yer left, and so on…and don’t listen to “them” should you have a fire in your heart […]

Flowers crawl my Ancient face… .*

wet Roses….wild briar….blood oranges…just beyond the blood….. we have a need for yellow flowers at our ankles…and the moon at our back like an oval crown of soft and faceless pussypink glassen shell…we need to touch dry wood….have our face frozen strawberrie by water…we need to get sick under the Sharp Sun like rusty knives […]