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Back in January of 2010 we reported that there was a break in at one of BRMC’s storage lockers and all of Michel Been’s vintage guitars and keep-sakes were stolen. We are thrilled to report that over a year later, almost all the stolen items have been recovered! A fan of BRMC and The Call […]

Dear Jon

  Dear Jon   I know you’re in Vietnam and we were gonna get married in May, but I have to be straight with you…I am currently sexually investing in your best friend Donny Sugar and we got a tight thing goin’ on, i am sorry to have to break the news to you as […]

My motorcycle combatant

  She takes what she wants like a cop on the take she’s a demon when she’s drunk laying wastrels to waste alone with her silverware and your heart on a plate the headaches of her and berlin The patience of a still born horse in the rain she’s warm all over just not in that place where birds […]

Dead Ghost Blues

You can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea. - Medgar Evers Mickey Mouse on the Morning show your Superman paralyzed and under the snows think about how you’re gonna feel next year when you’re pinned like a butterfly beneath a wheel All your Christmas Angels now less than the forgotten hairs that […]

The Neu Roman Arena

  Reality shows are the new televised Roman arenas for impotent vampires that vicariously live off the latest gospip.  Snakes eating their own tails and the thought of them all from the producers to the fans of TMZ, makes my brain wiggle like a reptile hatching from a soft shelled egg. General folks are often generally deviant.  The […]
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