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Ask iAN * Painting Francis

   Having erotic spasms imagining the knochen & radioulnar joint splintering sharp as they crash home through the bloated front door face and exit the back of the skull a solid silver brick speeding at free fall speed through moist & horizontal undercarriage…The blood is now an illuminating aphrodisian bevvy…or similar to ink gone to […]

Ask iAN JukeboX * B.R.M.C. * WHITE PALMS

Jesus, when you coming back Jesus never coming back Jesus won’t take me back Jesus never coming home Jesus seemed to steal my soul He’ll never let me go Jesus gonna make me pay Never should have run away I wanna go home Jesus when you go will you come back Jesus when you go […]

Ask iAN * Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Mama

  Thank You for the Question Mr. Claude Bawls Happiness…humpf*? That’s a tough’n, I tell ye…shucks…I just pray i don’t blow my ass out tryin’ to ansa this one…I ain’t too big a boyfan of the olde’ Happiness…i rather am thankful for my half fucked state of being and am blessed to even have that […]


Animals kill collectively free of menace with pure bird nest Hearts Myself on the other hand, aspire conspire make my kill from side angles & corners from bird nest lefts and gutter drain lows Wipe your slate clean faster than you can gather your senses Pony fuck you in the broad light of Day as i […]

Ask iAN * Related to the Enemy

RELATED TO THE ENEMY She is Running out of Boys to bury dropping bombs from her black piano skies she is gunning & desecrating obituaries behind her eyes gamble the liars below the rooks This here is a filthy fucking Disco Devil horns burning in bathroom assholes blood money and the pat on the back […]
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