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    I can tell you this Flo.  Everything I hate about Music in the last 60 years?  They are the opposite.  Like some strange wooden electric plasma that just gets reshaped, added down, broken down, stitched together, fibers are added…juices are added and subtracted, medicines are snuck in, spirits are introduced, and this mass […]

Old Cats of Infinity…. .*

If you think that there’s a difference between ten dollars and One hundred thousand dollars then you’ve never seen somebody you truly loved, Loved with every partical, every minute partical of your being,  lying in a coffin, gone for infinity and you can’t buy them back or see them ever ever ever, ever Again. Money […]

Time Travel with iAN

Seeing as how I have a Time Machine and seeing that i am iAN i’d be doing a hell of a lot more things than just the one and the first thing i would do is go back and undo all those abortions I had. Just kiddin’. First things first. Load the time machine up […]

Telegraphs from the forgotten ocean floor

Men kill people that Mothers raise Love erodes, breaks away like puzzle pieces falling together and finished at the end of the road becomes the death of the heart Why spin wheels on things you cannot change today why don’t you leave it alone? The highway by the green sea calls to me drowned down […]


 Design by Chris Gray       i wanted to take a moment to kindly Thank TIN CAN for showing off my Ass (Ask iAN page) and spreading the word about my little wolfcub den here at the loving and always generous B.R.M.C. home.  That was really too kind and I cannot thank you enough.  I adore everything […]