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 Design by Chris Gray       i wanted to take a moment to kindly Thank TIN CAN for showing off my Ass (Ask iAN page) and spreading the word about my little wolfcub den here at the loving and always generous B.R.M.C. home.  That was really too kind and I cannot thank you enough.  I adore everything […]

What went wrong in my life that ties me to this B.R.M.C. music?… I LOVED THAT!  What went wrong in our lives is oftentimes the world at large around us.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnam and Bob Dylan or The 4 wars we are currently in and B.R.M.C.   When nothing seems real around us, truly good spiritual […]

A Heart as Good as gold

I don’t know about the evolution of the human heart other than thanks to the dark lords of the pharmaceutical industry and all the fast food joints serving hormone injected, metallique infected pieces and parts…the human heart’s evolution has been that of extra fatty tissue, clogged arteries, shredded valves making the muscle itself  highly susceptible to major […]

Jesus Kampf

I think the human race knows as much about God as a butterfly on the breeze knows about my dreams last night.   American houses of modern worship look like sports arenas, complete with parking lots full of petrol guzzlers and people who dress like Eddie Bauer if he were not just a bland and horrid clothing designer […]

When I was 21 years old i stood out in the cold at a greyhound bus station i belive in Denver, Colorado…and standing  across from me was a 19 year old man i guess that to be his age and he had  Down syndrome.  His caregiver, she was too old to be his Mom i thought, […]