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Despair often leads to bad aim. The gravity of the situation…Dead Mother and room mate all at once can make a person feel upside down. Since this person can no longer ask their Mother questions like Why?  or ask her things that they always meant to ask, but never did and now it’s so late […]

BRMC 1000th Show 1 Year Anniversary

Setlist Love Burns Red Eyes and Tears (no reprise) Whatever Happened to my Rock’nRoll? (it’s around this point that the audience starts to wonder whether they’re playing the first album in full…) Spread Your Love (…but evidently not) (Rob explains that they’re playing a bunch of songs in ‘the order in which they came to […]

John Lennon left this earth on Dec. 8, 1980. But the way Yoko Ono sees it, the Beatle’s joyously populist spectre has never been busier. “Now that John’s a spirit, he has a different effect on people than when he was alive,” Ono, 78, says during a call from Tokyo, where she’ll attend a concert […]

ASK iAN * THE GRAVEDIGGER’S SONG – THE MARK LANEGAN BAND I was living with my best friend Stu (now deceased…some of his ashes in an antique tobacco canister i keep by an open window with plant life and forgotten spiderweb homes) but i digress… Back then he was alive and sometimes well and sometimes not and we were in a mad way trying to […]

ASK iAN * Oh, to Remain forever young at Heart*…. .* The heart The mind The spirit The One Great Traveler of Vanishing Roads
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