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Ask iAN * Little Lace

In her last high school play she had played an old bat in a wheelchair and now having gone off to University she felt just as crippled in real life.  With only one friend on the entire campus and him being quite fey and feminine, they clung together like glue in her dorm room at […]

Ask iAN * If I had a black cat bone…Another Night Out with Mark Lanegan & B.R.M.C.

It was just another night in Los Angeles, California and another long and High Octane session with BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB was coming to a close…. but the night was far from over for we were all heading out with a few close friends to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to spend a quiet and dark […]

Ask iAN * I’m IN with the OUT crowd

  Tania       There ain’t nothing to do about it.  A zebra can’t change it’s stripes…you are who you are and being different from the herd isn’t easy…it’s a bittersweet symphony going against the grain.  Sharks don’t live in trees and tigers don’t live underwater and you are who you are, feel no shame for what you […]

Ask iAN steals a few rides with Robert Been

Robbie pulls up outside the Lobby and sends me a message to hustle my muscle.In the car I pull a gun on him and tell him to drive… Robbie needs a sandwich and I need a pack of smokes and a few beers.He drops me off at Thrifty Drugstore. I have a gun down the […]

Ask iAN * Good Music for the Soul

    Lose Contact with the REAL World through Music? I Pray we both do!  If I need anymore of the ugliness of the REAL World I’ll watch more news, read more bunk arsed newspapers and listen to gangsta’ rap…no thanks. Ignore those people.  They sound like the ones who are truly “lost” to me. […]
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