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Pinball dogwise

Life begins as a young dog’s heart in the first Indian summer in swells into a kitten’s School comes on like a cold kiss it away rough as a cinder-block sandpapered down the cheek School shoes turn into Work boots the dog in you takes a double look into the mirror and keeps on      walking […]

When i say bless yer heart…i mean it.*

Ben Breedlove was an Austin teenager who had a popular YouTube channel (“OurAdvice4You”) where he gave dating advice to viewers. He also had a life-threatening heart condition he fought every day growing up. The brave 18-year-old lost his life on Christmas night from a heart attack. The week before, he recorded the below videos where […]

Warsaw could have been a buzz

4 walls 2 beds made of wood could have been a buzz forgot to bring my fizz                 and electric faux fur wolf blanket There is a discoball down the Road from my window i can see a bald man banging on the Sun These walls remind me very much of my computer’s skin and how […]


Yeah, so Carl Hung (pronounced J U N G) came up with this tripod label for us…x-tro or inner verts (per & secret per-verts) and I’ll tell ya right goddamned now that extroverts have more fun, boy! They ah…also die quicker…so the prize is short tongue licked. umph!  Another ego blow to the brain skillet! […]
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