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blind to business

    Not all of Us DO believe everything we are told…and i think people are believing what they are told less and less each day…it’s just that we all feel a bit too helpless to really do anything about the Leviathan that has been growing for so long now from us feeding it, that […]

Ghost static & waves

    Obviously, I can’t tell you if there is a God or not. My earthly science mind finds no proof, but inside of me, high above religions, something tells me different… (But all I’ve got is faith and science A line that will only blur -B.R.M.C. – bad blood – ( if the lyrics […]

Hang up yer hat or drift…. .*

STAY…   i don’t rightly know if we have any free will on that say… I know that i have ah gave it a shot, played house, quite a few times…but nuthin’ ever seems to stick. Not with all the best intentions or even when everything seems in it’s right place…it seems one or the […]


  I bit the front headlight of a 1969 Jag, and have been forced to be Hooked ever since. I gnash out at Triumphs, i swindle-kick’fuck’, back footed even at the rear bumpers of Rolls Royces and their silver pinioned fairy hood ornamint figurehead, I snap at VW’s and get tongue tied when an MG […]
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