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The Cobbs * In Like A Shot

Crying into you

  It is as if you see me from the outside of my own nowhere bubble did you see me as the tears flowed over that empty space your Father once stood in…how I held him in the highest regard how empty like a motorcycle gas tank i felt like… did you see me contemplate […]

Hospital Roll Call

  Well if it ain’t my motherfuckin’ specialty!  Hospitals.  A&E.  ER.  Waiting Rooms.  There really is no way to fully cope with these visits, you just fly by the seat of your pants if you are anything like me. First Off Never eat the food in a Hospital it’s the kind of food that got […]

Natural One / Nature boy

  You’re spot ON Jonny Boy   The Human body makes it own sweet nectar oils and we stamp it out.  When dogs attack people sometimes it’s because the scent is so vulgar and fake that only something not of this planet could smell so plastic and the dog bites the head off the perfumed […]

Breaking the Mold & shedding the Snake skin

  Leave Home.  Leave what you know. Locate your morals or whatever it is that you hold dear and lock it up inside of the apartment in your heart and leave them all behind.  Even if it’s only a two week trip.  We are all growing, every second.  Every year we find something new hopefully […]
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