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Ask iAN * Good Music for the Soul

    Lose Contact with the REAL World through Music? I Pray we both do!  If I need anymore of the ugliness of the REAL World I’ll watch more news, read more bunk arsed newspapers and listen to gangsta’ rap…no thanks. Ignore those people.  They sound like the ones who are truly “lost” to me. […]

Ask iAN – Music is a separate living being

          If you’re the Kings of Leon then No, it’s just rubbish that makes you wanna blow ass on the dance floor. I feel Good Music is somewhat of an entity, capable of seducing the mind quite like the Absinthe Fairy or the Ghost of Christmas Past.  There has been certain music that has stayed with me longer than many […]

Ask iAN * The Reincarnation of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club * 333

After you cross the black river you come out modified.  The same black walk, yet your mirror inside has changed and you no longer see the world in the same way that you once saw it before…hence the reincarnation…the letting go and the dropping of black flowers, which brings us to…. Remember when you were […]

Robert Levon Been AsK iAN

Ask iAN – Nina Pratchios*Prime Mover

Dig this.  Nina Pratchios, born in 1965, lives and works in san francisco. Nina says – i occasionally read bios of other artists and wish that i, too, were assertive, self-assured and good at self-promotion. instead i’m quite awkward and anxious. i generally shy away from social situations and i always prefer to remain in the […]
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