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Breaking the Mold & shedding the Snake skin

  Leave Home.  Leave what you know. Locate your morals or whatever it is that you hold dear and lock it up inside of the apartment in your heart and leave them all behind.  Even if it’s only a two week trip.  We are all growing, every second.  Every year we find something new hopefully […]

Night Creature by Brooke Adams

When the shadows drop in curtains and the owls begin their nightly forage with eerily echoing calls, and the birds still and the traffic slows to a random car, the thoughts come…creeping in slowly like spidering glass. The night creatures, with their bright eyes, come to life;  embers glowing from the shrubbery.  Nature at its […]

The Highway to Happiness

  True bliss begins when you overcome OLD problems and habits. True bliss begins when you find something you like to do and do it well and you get dirty with it. True bliss is when you let go of fear and begin to contemplate the possibilities. You gotta ponder the small majik instead of […]

God Bless this Mess

  The Best thing about the United States is leaving it. One of  the worst things about it is that education wise, we are sucking hind tit, we are the gimp at the bottom of the totem pole, dumber than a cat raised inside of a car engine.  If it ain’t a movie or a game […]

Ask iAN the Revelator

I have noticed one thing concurrent in many of the questions sent in (by the way thank you) to Ask iAN, and i have noticed one Major regularity. Dissatisfaction with Modern Life and the way things are.  Well, welcome to the fold. The bad people are seeing that Good people that have been Loyal are getting wind […]
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