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Ask iAN – For What it’s Wirth

In Los Angeles in a parking lot i sit in an obscure car I look at those Palm trees..those tiny redextrious light blood headed flowers..there is a crow bending on the wind and celestial sonic women asking me for zippo fire There are birds in yellow and Ocean dressed girls..the sounds of strawberries sugar cutting […]

Ask iAN * The bible of Jobs

Jesus Christ man, the jobs I’ve had. I worked with two young flaming lips named Eric & Logan…our boss was the lead singer of black gasoline and he loved it when with my help we forged money from the till to have drankin’ money…E & R saved my sorry ass when i was too hung […]

Ask iAN * You got the Soul

i remember when I was a little kid and I was off to my first day in school. i had a little red box chok full of pencils, crayons and what not…and a little dog rug to nap on… I loved the smell of gasoline, I thought Abe Lincoln was the man I saw at […]

Ask iAN * Black Ryder Contest !*

    I need 3 Ace Questions from fans of THE BLACK RYDER sEnd Them via SeNd iAN drugs/question or at or askian @ facebook ….etc, fukker* I’ll pick 3 sweet black roseheaded questions and we’ll see what the band has to say, unless i drink too much absinthe and miss the meeting entirely…cross yer […]

Ask iAN * iAN goes to Warhol’s Factory

  Well Nikki….   It was back in 1965 and I was flat fuckun’ broke.  I looked cool in mah alligator penny loafers and my hair was quite suave…but i had not only been mugged by some bruisers from da Bronx, but i spent my last 10 dollars on a lucky horse shoe diamond ring, […]
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