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Ask iAN

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The subject matter is not suitable for some children, nor is it intended for adults ages 18 and over.
While visiting 'Ask Ian' we ask participants to please refrain from using discretion, as it will only make matters worse.

ASK iAN * A Better Ride* bless yer heart Larry*

ASK iAN * A New Years Message from Babe Shadow***

I want everyone to begin this year with something worth their love, for something worth their hope, a feeling that will penetrate the dark empty voices that always seem to drown out the little chance we have of getting it right, of being heard, and moving forward. There are parts of us, inside of us, […]

ASK iAN * Let’s GO * 2012


Pinball dogwise

Life begins as a young dog’s heart in the first Indian summer in swells into a kitten’s School comes on like a cold kiss it away rough as a cinder-block sandpapered down the cheek School shoes turn into Work boots the dog in you takes a double look into the mirror and keeps on      walking […]
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