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Ask iAN * Heads Up Motherfuckers – The Cobbs

major players as in God’s balls  Paul Cobb Ryan Cobb Chris Coello Cody Ferdinand Michael Prince Hometown Philadelphia, PA   For years now, Bucks County, Pennsylvania boys, The Cobbs, have been living like total and complete rock stars right under your nose, making one iteration of heavy, Brit-infused fuzz rock after another. Having started off […]

Ask iAN * The Grave, The Womb, The bright hereafter, the rebirth of gentle Light & Life…(A message from Robert Levon Been)*

 Feelin’ up mother nature. She needed a little good feelin’, somethin’ to make her feel like a woman again. She wants it all, but she’s all I want. She sings to me when all the cities clock out, and leaves me when trouble knocks low. I tried to steal from her but she told me […]

Ask iAN * Where the garden ends…. .*

Where the garden ends…and the blood boils to a slow…dries up and flakes away like mulched speckled autumnal leaves… Just when i thought my skin was tough enough to swing from the hooks the bird shells collapse in my chest Sick of running below the Cancerous thumb of God’s magnifying instument and there is nowhere […]

Ask iAN * Birthday Greetings to Babe Shadow (Robert Levon Been)

Years ago I met a young man who asked me my humble opinion on his music.  He was soft spoken yet very humorous, introspective, generous and had a dark twist…that young man was Jeff Buckley.  One doesn’t meet men like Jeff Buckley everyday and so after he died…not only was i heavy with the blues […]

Ask iAN * The West Memphis FREE

    i had always held out Hope for these cats but knowing just how fucked up the law can be sometimes…especially in little bible-belt scarlet letter hick-ass towns…i never thought i’d live to see the day that these men were set Free.  Today was Historical.  Through all the legal jargon, rhetoric…in other words…coward bullshit […]
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