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Pinball dogwise


Life begins as a young dog's heart

in the first Indian summer in swells into a kitten's
School comes on like
a cold
kiss it away rough as a cinder-block sandpapered down the

School shoes turn into Work boots
the dog in you takes a double look into the mirror and
keeps on      walking

things begin to catch on

somebody is spraying your eyes with cleanser
blind hands bash off of hair, paper towel containers and knock off spectacles
from a face too close

working weekends your wednesday nights now become your weekend
your feet look half dog / half boot
calculators adding up taxes
alcohol flows
somebody almost gets pregnant
you've been seen naked
and the photograph of your innocence burned quicker than a cheap

dead..a dead
a friend
a yesterday sun
dead over cold
hours ago
and that would make it what time...11:04pm
you were unlacing your boots
in your dim

i hope this doesn't happen again...

everyone around you
visa card wallets
wedding bells and Army papers
the dog hair is getting fatter and wired

going out with a bang at work
asleep on the floor
broken glass under the desk
lipstick under dirty fingernails
piss in the trashcan

road road roar road road road road drive roar driver roar go far from home home home run run from home roar roar road roar........

dog bowl / dog fuel / dog motels
dog eyed / dog thirsty / dogland

Heaven helps a dying dog Run
Heaven on the run with all dogs
Ain't no Heaven where this road is aimed.....

speedometer reads out chinese chimes under tin moonlight
enter the city as chrome placenta embraces you with hiss of mint night air....

two flashbulb gelatin retinas
mouthing acid
silver tongued
white knuckled

A long way from the dog house
surrounded by frothers
radio croons the new crimes
keeping in time with the windshield wiper blades

all bad things come to those who push the aluminum envelope

dogs melt into sand with every page you turn...
this fur once so soft
these eyes once sun ocean gold and stay blue grey
all but nothing now made of cold
the colours of

we end by unaccepting ourselves
the paws now bricks now leaves
we started off so warm
tough as a tin type
no match
for even


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