A Frazzled dude Once said
God doesn’t Roll Dice in Heaven.

I Say…

God is an X-Girlfriend
God is A Nazi-Bartender
Disco & Mutiny

If Bill Walks the Razor’s Edge
how many STDs will Bill Accrue?
The Answer Is –
Mind Your Own Business
Bill is All Fucked-Up.

God is a Raw-Dog
God is Another Good Boy who won’t take out the Trash
God don’t Pay No Bills in this Favela
Mumble Rap & Ghost Dancing

If You Use Reason & Logic
You could find yourself in Jail
Sting, Stung, Stang
It’s All Cantonese to me

God don’t dirty his invisibles in the Coal Mines
God makes business partners of Us All without Consent
God is a Loose Law-Dog
God is an Infinite Matryoshka doll
A Deity inside of a
Inside of a Saviour
Inside of a Soldier
Inside of a Mother
Inside of a planet
Inside of Endless Space

God is 2 scoops of Ice Cream and a healthy dose