The crowd stood outdoors at The Waller Creek Amphitheatre in 44-degree temperatures with some light rain (the combination is considered a blizzard to native Texans) while enjoying over two hours of live rock’n’roll until Nail’dick Donny hacked on Tammy Escalita and she sneezed on Charlene Carmichael who coughed in the face of Jose the Sancho who then choked on his weed hit and burped up a foggy Foghat cough into his paw and wiping it off onto the moustache of his date, Mia the Pia who drunkenly french-kissed Ashley ” The Ass-Groper ” Simpson who then took a drag off her KOOL menthol and belched into the face of  Teddy “Tender’Tits” Watson who reared back and sneezed a billion plagued mist pellets towards Pete’s microphone, leather jacket and guitar and when Pete switched with Rob’s bass, Rob felt the mist and patted Leah on the back after the show who then said hi-hi to me and my Mom and then i wretched down into the dirt and contaminated the entire fairground and anything within a 20 mile radius on my way to the pool hall.
Fever’sneezin’ Sniffle’Wheezin’ Shiver’Shittin’ Gadzooks!