I stopped off in Dallas, Texas on my Wrong Creatures jaunt and stayed a spell and while i was there i discovered that Dallas has the biggest Cover/Tribute band gathering in the USA.  Not only that, but it is pretty much 100 percent FUN.  My good buddy Dan Hines plays in about 6 to 8 cover/tribute bands and he invited me out and i must confess at first i was a little worried about the whole cover band thing from my own personal experience and boy was i Wrong.  I hadn’t had that much genuine and simple FUN for as long as I can remember and the audiences were almost as spectacular as the band.  What i discovered was that sometimes people don’t want the entire emotional contract that comes with an original band that is close to your heart.  Sometimes people just want to have FUN.  They wanna forget about Russian Collusion, they wanna forget about Donald Trump and Fake news, they wanna forget about cell fones, Starbucks, dead-end job dead-lines and they kinda sorta wanna dance and have some fun and what better way to spell fun than MADONNA?

Now i’m not talkin’ a bunch of whores and bozos here…  I’m talkin’ about an electric front woman and a band of mastered musicians who know how to play and then some.  Tight musicians that don’t get falling down drunk and fuck up the songs but bring the songs alive so much that if you close your eyes, you hear Madonna.  It was something akin to a Time Machine taking you back to times that were way less ISIS, Taliban, CNN, FBI, and Trump.  After the 1st song, people were up on their feet and shakin’ Ass.  People were smiling, laughing, dancing, taking fotos, drinkin’ and there wasn’t one goddamn fist fight and we are talkin’ TEXAS!  The fun of the music came over me like a spell and next thing i knew I was dancing like a goddamned Material Girl.. in a material world and before i knew it I was throwin’ Lone Star beers down my neck and getting very VOGUE.  There was a gay dude checkin’ out my bubble buns in full wobble and he smiled and said Shake that cute butt and I said WERD and wobbled my bubble into a Papa Don’t preach wiggle.  The night was electric and Madonna Neon and the worst part of the night was when the music was over.  Nobody wanted it to stop and me myself, I was ready to wiggle to Ray of Light.  I guess what I am driving at is that if you ever find yourself in Dallas, Texas and you wanna have a FUN night out instead of an emotional night out.  Catch a great cover/tribute band and put yourself in a good mood for a change.  Not everything has to be deep all the time and sometimes FUN is just what the spirit needs..  just a little fun, shux* 

A BIG THANKS TO Rob Hines, KMS, JW, Bobby Hoke, Adrian Lea Jarvis, Poppy Xander, Alan Mouradian, Paul Davis and the owner of Lee Harvey’s the Great Seth Smith ( Thank You for your Hospitality and Kindness)


Not to be confused with the Lone’nut’s Grave.  Thank You Rob Hines & KMS.