spooki babi! directed by problemas starring problemas & david archer camera: travis michael keller & jacob mendel edit: jacob mendel color: arnold ramm thank you to flawless post: http://flawlesspost.com —- spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3rMtJ… http://instagram.com/ollieproblemas http://muchoproblemas.com http://americanprimitive.org —- rap game rob zombie b motherfucker sexy witch dollar store you sucker your blood and seduce your mama (woo ha!) can you pick me up in the hearse? (wiggle it) cuz i feel dead. yo, i can’t hear my pulse am i filled with lead? there a party at the boneyard moon be red i be late to the party yo, i think im really dead tho! green skin (spooki shit!) so nice (spooki shit!) no heartbeat like ice sexy witches everywhere wiggle it haunt the crypt, get lit rawr! spooki! (spooki, baby) ooh! ooh ooh. spook!! ooh ooh ooh. mango white claw be hyper i seen 3 trumps in a diaper spy shit! amazon alexa… carefree naps in a self driving tesla vegan millennial vaped to her funeral party shotgun beer getting weird! spooki! (spooki, babi) ooh! ooh ooh. spooki! ooh ooh ooh. yeah! problemas in the house y’all. suck my fuckin dick yo! meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!