When I lived in Los Angeles, a friend from back Home came to visit with a friend who was also from back Home that I had never met, who turned out to be the warm hearted, ultra-humorous and lovable
Brian Parker.  Brian and I hit it off after a few dozen round of dranx down by the Sea.  Brian said he wanted to move out to Los Angeles, but needed a place to crash for a few weeks to halp get him started, so of course he stayed with me and my cats.  We made little home movies, we had late night talks about the history of Hollywood’s great ghost people and on one night he took me out, I met Rick James,
fresh out of prison, thanks to Brian.  Brian stayed for a few weeks and then moved out on his own and since then he has been everywhere and probably sampled a little of every thing.  I think we both miss the dust and stars of Kansas from time to time, but we both had that ramble inside of us and that clawing need to create and be around others who create as well…  Brian has finally made his own movie and I am not too ashamed to say that towards the end of this short film i did weep a spell… and they were Good tears.
I ‘m really impressed by the music score he added to the film as well as his tender acting style.
I am impressed by the subject matter he chose to drive into…
We’ve been brothers for a long time now…
and it makes me very Happy to be able to share his Art and Soul PURE trailer with you right now.
Bless Yer Heart Brian.
Thank You for believing in Yourself like I Always Believed in You, man.
Keep On Keeping On, brother.


This Still, below, makes me of the sad, shux, nos!  The Sad Bri’ney Eyes…  Goodness…