Robert Johnson slowed his Toyota Prius as his Morgan Freeman GPS Navigation App informed him that he was at the crossroads of US 61 and US 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  There was a devil in the road.  Robert hit the window button and the passenger side window slid down.  Devil gazed in and offered to tune his guitar.  Robert told him no need, he had a guitar tuning app for that.  Devil said maybe you wanna sell your soul?  Robert said Thanx all the same but i’m already on Instagram.
Devil said I got a contract and Robert told him how now there ain’t no record companies, you just use Soundcloud and that he would never sign anything without his lawyer present.  Devil offered Robert a cigarette, No Thanks, don’t smoke.  Devil offer Robert some whisky, I never drink and drive sir and in fact, don’t drink at all, i got my Vitamin Smart Water.  The devil asked for a lift to the next town.  Never give rides to strangers, Robert warned as he bid the devil good day, drove off and went to Whole Foods for some Trail-Mix and Anal bleach.
Devil said well I’ll be goddamned as a bolt of lightning cut through the clear blue sky, struck a power-line and fucked up some poor farmer’s wi-fi for 6 hours.