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Robert Been has Rumble Fish Fever


There was gonna be a Rumble, some psycho was hopped up on pills, bad tit milk, barbitch'youates, and half of novaschocha's blood line master's candy bar vending machine and I tried to warn Robert about the building tensions surrounding us and Robert, being loaded up on sweet Rock and Roll after the show, was so burning that he actually used my head to spin mixes.  (in this photo my skull is currently playing Ride's leave them all behind and being back spun with Air's cherry blossom girl over the top)

i must admit that i came 5 times, we had a new hit song and my hair looked liked that Russell Brand bloke from the UK after a knuckle sandwich, knuckle dusting, indian burn of afro after the fire the end I hugged Rob real hard and he let go of my Skull.  Gave me a kiss on my dented and now highly inflated skullcap.  He is my brother....but watch out...the motorcycle been don't take no shite.

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