James Traeger of Night Beats has organized a campaign to get a statue of Roky Erickson built in Austin. Donate to the campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/roky-erickson-statue

Hello everyone! I’ve started a campaign to get a statue of Roky Erickson built to be donated to the city of Austin, Tx for permanent display. He’ll be joining Austin icons Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan in capturing the music that made Austin the city it is. Itreally wouldn’t be complete without him.
If you click on the link you’ll find more detailed info on this project. All the behind the scenes work has been an ongoing process for the past few months and I’m extremely happy to announce the plans to the public.
Any amount of donation goes a long way and it can’t happen without you. I’ve met many of you through Levitation/ Austin Psych Fest, which was born out of Roky and the Elevators influence and I can’t think of a more permanent way to seal Roky’s legacy and anchor him into this rapidly changing city.
I hope you find this as worthwhile as I do and I hope you might share it and join me in celebrating the music and the man.
James Traeger