3 years Ago Today September 16th, 2016
My Dad died and left me on this
hunk of junk earth, alone.
I can’t believe how much of me Died too that day.
It doesn’t get better.
You Suck it.
You Chew It.
It Spits You Out All Over the Shoppe.
You Walk in the Worst of All Haunted Shadows
with your fingers crossed and speak with the blind.
Life becomes somewhat of a bad drug that you live out.

I miss the shape of his neck and the creases within it.
I miss his smile.
I miss the way he touched my eyebrows when i was sleepy.
I miss sitting across from him at the last supper table and
sharing a cold american beer and shooting the shit.
I miss his little life.
There will never be another him.
I miss his pardons.
I miss his principles.
I miss his dedication.
I miss his sardonic wit.
I miss his anger.

I miss knowing what to do with myself.

I’m thankful he was
Mine All Mine