“Excuse me sir.”
“My name is Randy, what can I do for you?”
“Do you have anything by The Smiths?
“All their CDs are on the racks.”
“I know I saw, but I only have $3.00, they all cost more.”
“Sorry that’s all I got.”
“I’ll take anything, buttons, posters, stickers. You must have something.”
“Why so desperate?”
“Well there’s this girl…..”
“Say no more I’ll see what I have.” “Here’s a Queen Is Dead poster and some buttons.”
“Thanks so much sir, here’s the money.”
“Keep it kid, good luck.”
“Really, Thanks I’m going to need it, she’s way out of my league. She’s in 6th grade and I’m only in 5th”
“Haha, you’ll do fine.”

– Randy Wagner / Radio KAOS Records