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Spider White horse webs of new death white Hearts

Like setting a newspaper sailboat out on the river and chasing it down the stream
that is all i do is let you go
and follow

I'm chasing some imagination of my Holy that I cannot catch...
that slips away from my fingers like an Indian blue God, a sacred relic down a dirty rainy a world war II kiss forgotten in a antique store foto box...for a dollar.

This life has no safety belt
no parachute
no manual
no blueprint

Even when you Love with all of your Blue blue heart...
ya wind up a tad

They warn you to keep your defences Low
but that is not
the way
to go

Always keep your eyes peel'd like a black glass shotgun sky fighter
protect your heart from winter machines
protect yourself
from strung out bolts of mental hospital lightning

spring from the bath of your birth
and kill around the beehive
keep your knife slick at your side
this is YOUR Life
the one and Only
stay burning on the crooked path
flash the gin across your face
keep your bayonetgun and  gut forth as if you were

plucking stars from the sky like black apples dunked in black farm fresh water in a bucket

These are not the times to lean up against black magazine stands and eat from rotten black stones
these are the times
to paint your heart
to cover
up your

roaring red

paint over the blue song of the finch

paint over the sidewalks of your childhood...with black wheels

paint over the sunshine

that sung to you in your sister soft sweet heart....

paint the town black

paint the roads that lead back from Home unto your heart black as good night

paint a cave

in the side of the wall

locate the spirit glass

and drink from it's broken lonliness and alcohol


in a black den

like a soft wheezing embryo
clogged, kick starting such as a motorcycle engine
a hot black mercy seat
scrunch On
get you back baby
get you back alone to black Heaven

get you back to where Mama kept the blackness safe
back to wear the black water grows
black to where we got born under sugar sweet black and windy skies

back to the black plasma
back through the black spun placentia
back through the sand black hours of time
back through
the false


black as it may be

it's still stronger than any new killing Sun of bright dead white light

but it's gonna give it's head

that old black birth of you

it's gonna shine

where there once was a black tooth

let go

A white horse comes clomping slow round the bend

feather white hair

eyes like the rest of sex and mist

eyes like Jesus

put away

into a white coffin full of purple flowers

a fragrance to die only on Sunday for....touch me in the middlesex

A white horse that no flies trumpet

soundless wet velvet white hooves

like sandpaper flying across the waves of green ocean caps

smoothing the fangs to a focus

Love was so beyond all of Us....

see you at the bottom of the Sea

where the white horse

runs in through you from my

dream.... .*
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