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Telegraphs from the forgotten ocean floor


Men kill people that Mothers raise

Love erodes, breaks away like puzzle pieces falling together and finished at the end of the road
becomes the death of the heart
Why spin wheels on things you cannot change today
why don't you leave it

The highway by the green sea calls to me
drowned down lovers and sunken ghostboy machines
dog bones and ghostly infant dreams...from sea to gloamy sea

I keep speeding
riding the blood orange sun on my right shoulder
going anywhere but home, when there is no home to go is
a circle
inside of
a circle
inside of
a square
waiting for your last circle

being in love is close
to leaving oxygen behind under water
it's close to having your heart cut out
by your brother to send to your Mother
cause the war just
didn't work
out for you

some war path
some path of Woe
some withered White horse to bleed away upon
some demon star
with black birthday candles on it's paws
some kind of ship wrecked Sunday

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and for an instant I remember myself as somebody who lived on a floating ball called a planet who had my name...this strange name...
and I think
once i was.... .*
and someday?  I will never again for infinity write the lines
Sometimes I wake up in the morning...Heaven is an Ocean

at War with itself





Inside of all our

selves.... . *

I Loved you.... .*

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