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Tell her Something…


It's almost 5am now and  i am wondering why we (NATO) killed  Gadhafi's grandchildren...maybe for another Peace prize...
I am drinking the cold beer and smoking the silk cuts and wondering why your wine failed you...I am pondering the mysteries of the past while also thinking
about Gustav Klimt trying to get things done without a Visa card.

In this 5 am I am thinking about all the roads I am getting ready to roll down and fly above...I feel still a little too zapped to turn into bed quite's always a struggle falling asleep...sometimes even in my dreams I am hauling equipment...

It has been one of those strange Saturday nights...of reflection...and of course...a gunshot far away followed by a siren and the stars still are as secretive and as far away as ever, revealing we keep rolling through our lives, as we ponder death alone for know it's strange that we only live to be 100 at the most, and after that we are dead for longer than time itself...never to have another cup of coffee or a hug or a kiss...or even wear eye shadow...ever again.  Stretching is good at 5am...

Your dogs outside barking are simply stating that something is going on in the dark distance and they are not digging the commotion and if that commotion gets any nearer, they will throttle the ass of the jackhole making all the ruckus.  Little protectors of the night....

Tell you something?

Gore Vidal is a genius.
American Spirit cigarettes are also tainted with FSC poisons
Rock and Roll is here to stay
When you chug alcohol and viagra you see blue tracers
It's not about winning or's about having guts and a hint of madness
On May 1st...1786 –It was the Opening night of the opera  The Marriage of Figaro  by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  in Vienna, Austria
I had a good orgasm today.
Ronsonol is a lighter fuel
James Dean slays me
Coca Cola eats away battery acid build up
and I think you've got big Soul.

Now go to sleep, sister...


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