After listening BRMC for my whole university years and never seeing them live (since they don’t come to the Czech republic very often), as a present for graduating my girlfriend bought me a “meet n greet” ticket for their Hamburg 2017 gig in half a year. It got me excited but nervous at the same time, cause what are you gonna say to your musical heroes you know..

Fast forward 6 months we rode 10 hours to Hamburg to the famous Beatles club Grosse Freiheit. First I got the chance to see their soundcheck and after that Rob jumped down from the podium and started talking to us like it was anything ordinary. Really weird meeting someone whose tunes you adore and tried to learn on a guitar for the last few years. Peter came to us few moments later, was very shy and didn’t wanna say much but asking him about his currently favorite music cooled him. Unfortunately Leah wasn’t around after the soundcheck and I did not have the chance to meet her.

I took some photos with the guys, got the posters and album sleeves signed then we were left waiting for the show itself. I had the pleassure to be in the first row. Up to this date it is the best gig (musically speaking) I’ve been to. And in the Whateverhappend outro madness Rob smashed Leah’s drum set with his bass and then threw to the crowd a 16” cymbal which I caught! Extreme happiness really! Also it made a lot of the people around me laugh. After Rob’s exit from the stage the sound engineer rushed to me and asked me to give the cymbal back… in the exchange for a drumstick. Obviously I didn’t want to but good manners made me accept it.

After getting back home I got the signed poster and Leah’s beaten up drumstick framed up. This thing hangs on a wall beside me since then reminding me one of the greatest day of my life.