Hello, this is actually my first post even though I’ve been in BRMC fan groups for a while now. (Some of you may have seen me at their shows.) I wanted to share how much BRMC’s music means to me and my experience with meeting them.

I discovered their music when Howl came out and instantly loved that album and BRMC. But when Specter at the Feast came out, my love and respect for them grew even more, and it affected me/resonated with me, especially as it pertains to grief and the challenges that come with it.

Then when they announced that they would be going on tour with Alice in Chains this summer, I was thrilled as both bands have had a profound effect/influence on me. I didn’t want to risk missing them since I wasn’t sure if they’d do a U.S. tour together. So I decided to quit my second job and take the leap to see them in Europe (it would be my first international shows).

I had previously met BRMC in Santa Cruz in 2012 when I was quite shy, drunk, and awkward lol. But I hadn’t had a chance to tell them and AIC how much their music means to me…until earlier this month on June 3rd and 4th after the Prague and Hamburg shows. (It was also my first time meeting AIC. Still can’t fucking believe it lol.) Everyone in BRMC and AIC were so down-to-earth; but BRMC were especially kind when I shared about my experiences with their music, especially Specter at the Feast. I was worried that it would be too personal to share. But Leah, Pete, and Rob were/are so sweet and validated my sentiments/feelings, and they shared about their challenges with making that album. Rob especially was gracious (and funny haha), and I enjoyed talking to him about his hometown, Santa Cruz/Bay Area, where I studied and have lived for a few years now. I appreciate them all so much and hope they realize the effect they have on others.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how much BRMC’s music means to me as I’m sure it does for many, if not all, in the BRMC fan community.

–  Mich Elle