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THE CALL shows were nothing less than Amazing.  Everywhere You turned there was a person with a heart as good as gold and i'm not useta that a'tall.  I'm more familiar with running into that one sombitch from High School or that one old bastard from those rainy day A.A. meetings, so THE CALL shows really took my breath away...Everyone was in good spirits and lots of orbs came to the gatherings...i wish my photos were better but with Hank Williams teary eyes it's hard to snap shots in the warmth of the revival light.

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Marquee sign photo by No Ones Home iAN & TOM by Nikki Pratchios Big Chief Thanx to Michael, Rob, Tom, Jim, Scott, Dan, Pete and Friends and Thanx to Jesse*, CO & NPN Thanx to Everyone who came out and brought your personal unique Light, You Know who You are...and xtra special thanx to Babe Shadow/Mr. Light for bringing me my bag when i thought all hope was lost and so much more...Big Gold Thanx to my brother Ruben Vangare


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