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The Highway to Happiness



True bliss begins when you overcome OLD problems and habits.

True bliss begins when you find something you like to do and do it well and you get dirty with it.

True bliss is when you let go of fear and begin to contemplate the possibilities.

You gotta ponder the small majik instead of looking for instant gratifacation.

It also takes Major fucking Discipline and Dedication and like cigarettes most of the time, I am fully fucking out of them.

The last time i had Discipline, I was 13 years old and jerking off in the closet...I was a very fucking dedicated young dude...nothing got in the way of my jacking off time.  Then again I am kidding...or am i?

Life is a series of Major fucking disappointments and small victories and you gotta be thankful for those small victories or all you will see is the Darkness and that is no place to live.

The first thing you have to do is fall in love with yourself again...cause without yerself you can't give love to others and other things.

When i was a kid a soda was 35 cents and now they are nearly 2 bucks...these days fucking blow, but that is what makes them the Great days, the all or nothing days, the dangerous days...we live on the lip of the threshhold...we live at the next second of the future right now...I guess I could run and hide...but i would rather shake my tits in the sun and drink up the music of the nights.  I ain't in your boots,
so i can't really say...

One of my favorite characters in a film once said...that Life is one vile fucking task after another, and it mostly is. 
Read Sartre's Nausea...that book will cheer you right the fuck up!

I mean no matter how well we do in this life or how good or bad it gets for us...we ALL get the chopping block.  Cheerful ain't it?!

That is why we have to find it somewhere deep, way fucking deep inside of ourselves to try and find that little ray of light...that little be thankful for the highs and to even be thankful for the lows...cause without the lows...we wouldn't recognize the highs....

Some people find it in religion
some people find it in money
I find it in doing nothing, in solitude and I ain't talking about no guru meditation david lynch course...just having time ALONE to do absolutely's a great place to give birth to good ideas.

It ain't easy raising children...they deplete more energy from you than 8 pounds of sugar!
Working a job where you have to deal with the public is something that will test your sanity like nothing else on earth...that is why i tip handsomely...because i know behind the smile on my waitress and behind her pretty green eyes....are KNIVES and hurricanes and thoughts of poison in a Pepsi and ropes and tape and torture chairs and hammers of bloody oblivion....and I leave my plates stacked and my table clean and leave a 5 dollar tip on a one dollar order.  She's happier than she was...less tools of torture in her eyes and smile and we both take another breath and step back out into the fuckun' fray.

Men could use more time in the wild
and Women could use more solitude in a luxurious Hotel suite alone for 3 days...with a really huge and deep fucking bathtub...

When you are in the thick of it thicket and your ass is getting stabbed in the briar and gotta pull yourself out before your boiling point and at all cost...find some down a quiet place to think...someplace close to water...cause water is our salvation and it helps to cool our jets.

discipline, downtime, rediscovery of things we love...

You said it yourself in your own question...Alone time...a place to gather your rosebuds while ye may

ever seen a motherfucker with his faced burned off in a hospital....?

Dig Yourself
extract yourself from 24 hours of bullshit
walk away when it gets too stupid
You're not God
but you are strong
believe in yourself
like I believe in YOU

and learn how to say NO

good health and good love to you always
keep the faith


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