Berlin is bad enough, but Berlin in the fall?  Razor blade city.  The Anniversary stench of the German Reunification still hung heavy in the air and i was getting ready for the gig even though i was feeling pretty swirled out on a scale of 100 hammered assholes.  Drinking slop and watching up to date reports on the Kavanaugh fiasco i slunk into the shower then began to shave my face but lost interest half way through and just left the razor in the sink.  Crawled into my gear and got a nuanced purple LED light lit interior taxi down to Nick Cave City.. Kreuzberg, shit-drug-city.  I’m not there for 3 seconds before a bum is yammering away in my ear.  I knew i forgot to turn off my freak-magnet.  The desperado finally buzzes off into the trash wind and everywhere you look, nothing but urban-scrawl graffiti and litter.  Nothing but late night food huts offering wrap roast from cities you wouldn’t wanna visit let alone swallow their rack hack.  I stumbled past a pair of old ghost and could feel that Becks beer trying to come back up for an asphalt deposit, but manned up and slammed sideways into a building, feeling lightly fevered and unfuckable.  I made my way up the steps.  The goddamned stairs.  The entire city is one huge stairmaster chore.  I finally found the piss-hole inside of the Monarch pub and drained my yoinker.  I Flushed, zipped, threw some wasser on my half-shaven mug and tumbled out of the bog.  The only cool thing in the place was The Stevenson Ranch Davidians plugging in pedals and cords..  getting ready to take everyone in the hole out of the hole for a little while at least.  All the merch got restrained and held back at the airport.  No surprise there.  THANKS BERLIN!  I Did manage to meet for a moment, the inspiring Mr. Dwayne Seagraves, a person who I’d really like to chew the air with at some point down the road.  He was very much of the nice and i felt like a very happy individual for a few moments.  I got to hear my tune, Holy Life and then it was bedtime for bozo.  I ducked into the grocery hole, purchased some green saft and some Hauffin’blowzer, hailed a fuckun’ cab back to my flat.  Took the elevator Up.  Didn’t even bother tryin’ to scalp the toad, and fucked right off to bed.  I went fast-dreaming to the lush sounds of Amerikana.
Take my advice.  Fall in love with this band and see ’em LIVE.
Big Chief Thanx to Dwayne Seagraves / The Stevenson Ranch Davidians for the great songs and hospitality.