Doors 8pm, Low Volts 9-405PM, Steven Son Ranch Davidians 10-10:40 The Warlocks 11pm

When this album came out in 2007 the band itself was in tatters. We just got dropped EMI/Mute, then re signed to Tee Pee Records. Then we got sued not to mention a plethora of tax problems. Everything hit at once. It was a mess and a very stressful time for us. Also I couldn’t sleep! My insomnia had gotten worse. Corey, JC pretty much the core guitar sounds of the band had quit and left for different reasons. They were fighting their own demons. Which left me alone with this album trapped in my head. Jenny our bass player had just moved to New York but agreed to come back and help me with it. Bob Mustachio and Plucky decided to hang in there and see this through too.

So, two drummers, bass and me on guitar.

Up to this point I couldn’t play guitar that well-being more of a bass player and all. So I got focused and taught myself to play a lot better. I used Fender & Yamaha amps and bi amped them well, heavy! We had Rod Cervera at the helm so at the very least whatever we did would sound good thanks to him. We recorded the whole thing in one weekend. Overdubs and mixing took forever and I remember me and Rod being terrified of Tony who was the A & R at Tee Pee. He put a lot of pressure on us to finish. So we just haphazardly turn in it in as-is.
That’s rock and roll folks. No record release and we never did play this dang thing in its entirety. So I think it’s time. We will have Bob M back on drums for this one show. We are hoping Jenny will make a guest appearance. This will probably be the only time we play this thing but never say never right?   – Bobby Hecksher