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The Wisdom of Harry Dean Stanton


SS: Khrishnamurti said, “Relationship is the mirror in which the self is revealed.” How have the relationships in your life helped you to learn about yourself? Are there any that stand out?

HDS: There have been hundreds. I learn about myself. There is no self. You learn you’re not a self. You learn you’re nothing. Ultimately. Hopefully.

SS: The individual is nothing.

HDS: Scientific fact. It’s not my opinion. [Laughs]

SS: When did you begin to look at the events of your life as really just a part of one event of no particular importance?

HDS: It’s an obvious fact. It’s all Eastern concepts, from Buddhism, Taoism. Ultimately the atomic physicists — Einstein, Niels Bohr, Heisenberg — all agreed that science couldn’t answer the mystery of the universe. So I was impressed with all that. Once it gets organized — even if it’s Buddhism or Taoism or Kabbalah — I’m not a member. Einstein said Buddhism was the only religion that could cope with modern scientific needs. So they arrived at the same place the Buddhists did 2,500 years ago. There’s no answer to any of it. That’s liberating. It’s an enlightening concept.

SS: Einstein said it was a true miracle that anything at all exists.

HDS: It’s all a miracle. And inexplicable. No answer to it. It’s just what it is.
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