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Warsaw could have been a buzz





beds made of wood

could have been
a buzz
forgot to bring my fizz                 and
electric faux fur wolf blanket

There is a discoball down the Road
from my window
i can see a bald man
banging on the Sun

These walls remind me very much of my
computer's skin
and how i flew in a plane without
I could have been watching stormtroopers already
I could have seen some flesh
and warmed up this Warsaw room

in the bath
i washed her spit off my back

every time i call home i only reach myself an hour or so later
how smashing

Taxi will take me at the speed of Light to where the metal planes leave at night
high above all the
pretty lights

this could have been a buzz
i wish i had some fizz
i wish i was in Santa Cruz
at least there you can shake drugs out from the trees
and the boys have long gloss yellow hair
and the Sun comes out to Rain down
not like here
where the Sun
only wears
the reflection
of metal
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