and if the baby motherfucker dies it dies, but we laid the money down and showed up on time… the son of a bitch of Life…

3 Years Ago Today
My Dad Got In A
Car Crash.
He Died on the 16th.
So Today
I met a Girl who has a birthday on the 13th.
She works as security in my Sanctuary.
I Gave Her
20 dollars.
She said her baby puppy was
All Fucked Up.
I said lets get it fixed in the morning.
Her Husband came
She came.
I went.
Emergency Room.
24 hours and we shall know if teh Little Boy will make it.

200 dollars.
ON My Visa.
I don’t Even Know These People.

I Chose to Do
the Next

Say An Outlaw Prayer with me won’t’cha?

I Hate Most Motherfuckers, but I’ll Never turn my back
on no
pup <3

Be Kind to one another when ya can..

If you were little..
You’d want somebody bigger and smarter than you
the shots, shux*

Bless You Johnny of the tattoo’d eyes,
Kali, and Menace teh Pup <3

I don’t know you people or puppies, but i’ll be goddamned
if i don’t lend
A Hand.

photo – 24 hour emergency room.

the poor look out for the poor…

fuck y’all
I’m A
Black Star.

Do Something Good Today
4 Somebody Else
4 A Change.

Be Safe.
Do Good.


Every thing Hurt Today…

So fucking


Deal with

We Did.