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Wheels, Miles and a Cigarette – Ask iAN

Photobucket iAN & Pete in the Eye of the Wheel 

Past the churches stuffed to the lungs with fanatiques
past the bars, haunted graveyards, past the fog over the ocean and the lonesome fields

Driving past I-Hops, flea bag motels, truckstops, and dead animals on the highway, past the funeral marches,
the farms, car wrecks, police arrest, past the dealers and hipsters, and ice cream getaways, past closed banks, drive thru liquor stores
and empty stores gone out of business and belly up

Through airports and carparks and mute lobbies
past cell phone towers and fist fights and sporting arenas and national parks, rolling rinks and women of the street
it's funny how far we come and go only to by fate, sometimes wind up round the bend
at the same time
just to share a cigarette Pete. 

Thank God for Wheels
Our assholes couldn't stand the saddle burn of riding horses.

See you around the next turn, cat.

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