Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Why do we fall into this goddam shit storm tornado called love? Anonymous

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Why do we fall into this goddam shit storm tornado called love? Anonymous

1st came God, then came Love and that is why we were created.

kinda like a fuck doll theory.

or pets.

When Alone

we yearn to either

A.  Be left the fuck Alone


B.  Smothered in warmth and kisses

but true Love?  Between two people.  Funny how we yearn for it, cause it's just another shard of Hell cut from the same broken mirror.

How can I answer something Plato could not
How can i give meaning to this that not even Socrates could unfold?
How could I make clear which even Huxley could not...fuck him.  He was blind, the other two guys spent more time chugging cock than Tom of finland...i can answer it because B.R.M.C. HIRED me to fucking do so.  Because I am iAN...the wee motorboy...the psychotique, the lad that is half Grandpa, half circus blood, and half baby.  I am here...huh?  Where?!
Shut Up Boy!


Love.  We do it because it beats money.
we fall for it because it moves like the invisible feet of God over our graves.
we do it because it is in our God D.N.A.
it is also a chemical reaction like burping after chugging 7 cold beers at the bar.

we can't help it.
it is NOT  a choice

we see a certain person, get a whiff of their chrome and meat
and fucking blammo !
That is all she wrote, senyor or senyor'ita!

cold spark

Some people from certain cultures believe the Devil lives in a fire decorated pit...while other motherfuckers think
he lives at the bottom of the cold cold blue bottomed icey Sea.

Blue and Red

You may be a fire arsed creature...but you may fall in Love with some dingbat at the swimming pool during the month of May on a very Hot day...
Some dipshit dives from the diving board, and you say to yourself that you MUST HAVE this your knapsack, in your pocket, in your bedroom, in your mouth, in your soul, in your D.N.A.

Sometimes it takes off like a pimpf with a shine...
sometimes you fuck a few times and let go of it all like it was a stinky feather instead of lavender quills...

but the love that you are talking about is referred to as "Pining" as in you are alone in the woods and moaning for your Lover to come whisk you away out from the brush and take you home to a bed by a fireplace with Rain pouring blue outside the window...and hold you like a soft cupcake and nibble yer ears like a puppy that is soft and fresh, but yet sleepy.

we all long for this, because we know the coldness of the Grave
we know the singularity of the coffin and it's confines, it's strict one ticket only, no music, lay still for fucking eternity, dumb calling.

Sometimes, even thou buddhas don't like it, i really can't see the beauty of a certain bird in flight unless i am sharing it with someone to my side...who also got to see it...and somehow in that double vision it makes it more intense, more vivid, more warm.

and then it's fuck God
and fuck the devil
we are not sinners

we are just 2 kids that wanna fall in love and be left alone.



but NO.


You will pine

and you will pine away and away


like a wolf caught in a snowbite


until you run for the strong hold

let loose your hair and wisdom and insanity


and grab what you must  (with it's consent of course)

and gamble away all you own or think you own...


Love is a River that you ride

but you can no more own it than you can a 17 year old tear drop.


Good health and good love to you.



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