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With You


It doesn't matter what we do when I am with you
we could be kicking cans with our boots on
or chunking shit off a bridge
stealing oranges
or smoking at the magazine stand

writing black words on a white wall
hoofing past dozers under the white fuck all Sun
you smell like a guitar
i smell like pussy
no wonder we attract dogs

When I am with you it doesn't matter what we do
talk about starfish, Mark Twain, motorcycle wheels and sad days... it doesn't matter
here under this pregnant moon tonight

Walking into the center of the crowd
drinking electricity
walking out into dead city light streets
You smell like sad forgotten little highways
I smell like imperfection
and black alley cats dig our clatter

You make my world bearable
you remind me to laugh when i am in a frozen coma
with indian arrowheads all around us
I let the walls go down some
and understand the meaning of sunlight once again

When I am with you
it's better than
drugs, booze and oxygen

cause you are all 3 to me

hands in prayer & thanks *

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