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The only time it's too Late is when you're Dead.

The Universe and You have infinite amounts of possibility & Spirit. 
You have to dump fear in the traush can and put your right foot out there, then yer left, and so on...and don't listen to "them"
should you have a fire in your heart
talk to the Fire.

I was told when i was younger that if I ever went to Los Angeles, that it would eat me Alive.
I went there.
I lived next to the ocean with the perfume of flowers just outside my front door.
I wrote songs.
I sang them to people from the stages of the Whiskey, The Roxy, The Troubadour.
I met everyone I wanted to meet.  I fell in Love.  I never went to Jail.  I helped the homeless when I could.  I made friends. 
I learned from people.  People helped me.  I drank a lot of free alcohol.  I heard wonderful music.  I met Jeff Buckley.  My Mother & I went to the Art Museum and got Loaded in a Limo.... .if that is getting eaten Alive, then let's do it again Son.

There is a Verve song called Already There and the line You can do anything you want to all you gotta do is try - Is always in the back of my mind. 

There will always be bad energy, evil people...the kind of people that do not want to see you succeed at anything, why they are like that is a whole other subject matter.  Codgeblockers so to speak.  There will always be adversity, obstacles, hurdles, road blocks, snapping jaws, trap doors, dead ends, oops and whoops, and error and blockades.  All that Shit.  Like a game of Chess, you just have to visualize the next good move and if that means
you reverse, then you reverse.  You get your James Brown on and serpentine. 

It's a little frightening going all the way for something...but in the big picture there ain't nothing to lose.  What if i die iAN?  Then you died going to do what you were meant to do.  Most of the time we Don't die, life can make you feel like you wanna when you struggle sometimes, but you gotta shake if off...shake the fear from your fur. I've seen a 90 year old woman parachute out of a plane with her tits hangin' out...cause she wanted to do it.  She did it.  She just plum went and fuckun' did it.  Her dentures flew out and upwards at a velocity rate of 100 miles per hour and slammed into the sun and she was out 900 dollars worth in teeth, but FUCK IT!  SHE FLEW THROUGH THE SKY LIKE  SUPERWOMAN!  So NO i never think it's too late.

Some people late in life return to college and get their Ph.D.  Not an easy task...but they do it.  Some even get their Masters.  Those things mean sweet fuck all to me but for them it was a life long dream accomplished...and good for them. 

There is always going to be an excuse or something in the way, but if you want something bad enough to put the small shite into it's right place and you split.  I get a little nervous when i realize some goal, because it's like a switch inside of me just turns ON and it is RED.  I just Go.  Hell or High water, Jail, Death, doesn't matter, I throw all that shit into the wind and light Out for the Road.  Life is just too plum fuckun' short to bicker with some grizzled burned out fuck wit over a coupon.

Keep the coupons ya bleedin' wizard, I got a plane to catch.

Obstacles are just that...roadblocks...ya gotta leave the roadblocks to the roadblocks, think outside of the maze. 
I got a kid and i can't do this cause i got a kid....then you fucking BRING the kid and do it!

Some people who dwell in fear use such obstacles as excuses to cover up their fear, cause it's lazy and easier to complain instead of boogie, well fuck that.  You gotta shake a leg, you have to kick life up the ass.  You have to have a fucked up crazy heart and spirit.  You gotta gamble. 

I don't know what the celebrities are up to and i don't know who they are, cause i am too fucking busy making my life a movie.  You should always be your own biggest fan.  Not in a self worshipping narcissistic way....but champion your cause, your dream...give a fuck about yerself...yes a little's called dignity.  If yer in bad shape you can't help anybody else out you gotta get sorted.

I have a friend who i shall not name that never believed in herself.  She felt like a shadow.  I told her that her art was so good, it should be for sale in the shoppes of great cities.  She thought i was pulling her balls.  This year her art will be coming out inside the records of two great popular bands.  She finally got the guts to gamble and rock and roll and people noticed her...but only after she finally got the guts to gamble and open up and rock her roll.  I knew it all along.  I am also very very happy for her and quite fuckun' excited. 

So whatever it is you wanna be or do.  DO IT.


now kick out the jams.

believe in yourself like i believe in you
believe in yourself like i believe in you
believe in yourself like i believe in you


bless yer Heart*



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