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You’re my kind of People


You point at strawberries and ask where they come from…

you help the old carry in their garden bags..
you understood the sick from day one
You ask the parishioner how the wounds are coming along
you sing songs to the meek
you leave infants to their sleep and let dogs sleep as well…
You keep the oath of friendship alive
keep a small circle in your tribe
you speak the words that nobody hears just for me in my gentle goodnight…
You hold my hand when nobody wants to
you clean my worry with a forgiving nod…
you hold the smallest human fractionairy glow when all current humans have spunt and sold their shares…
your blood is all too good old human, like tobacco and whiskey, like trees and reciprocated air…
like a friendship of a poor chapter…hand it down, hand me down
hand it forth… You look good in your St. Francis shine
you look good in your dirty denim
you look good in your salty England wet hair sleepy smile
you look rather fine in your riff raff but you look best honing a song alone…
or thinking about the world in a room, a world of your own like sleepy swimming things…
under gentle moonlight not glass driven and soundwaved.

and you look good in my arms on a sunny day in San Francisco
you walk strong and smile and your mind is sound any forelorn fool can be dour… we were always meant to be what we were to be….
and I love you from this cratered in home i call a heart
I love you from this frozen dog pit i call a life
i love you from these rags i call richness

i love you from this blindness i call a telescopique lenz
i love you even when i feel so divorced from Life itself… and i won’t let you down. I am not like the poor others…… i am the Sun when you crave light i am the moon when you wish to Howl i am the nothing when you want sleep i am the hello when you’re in doubt… You bring in the light and i will make it brighter.. you bring the faith and I will bring the morphine… you shine a light and i will gather the stars and we’ll both face the rain… your smile is my medicine your eyes my rocketship your hands my infinity and my heart is your chocolate i melt as you call the shots.
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