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Lost Highway Festival

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will be playing the Lost Highway Festival in San Bernardino, CA on July 23rd, 2016   The band will be headlining the ‘Full Throttle’ stage at 8pm.   Tickets are on-sale now:


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will be playing at Blondie on 3/23/16 in Santiago, Chile. Tickets are on-sale now:

“Fire Walker” Live In Paris

We’ve just found out from our distributor that we’re now allowed to post various live clips from the DVD+Album “Live In Paris”. So we’ll likely be posting a handful of clips throughout the month, which is cool.

It can’t be the entire live video of course, but for those of you who missed out before here’s a glimpse into what was a very special night for all of us at the close of our tour. 


New Merch Store

Hey Guys, We wanted to let you know that we have completely redesigned our merch store and have a new partner, who we are certain will provide the level of service that you are entitled to. We also have a number of new designs and products, including some really cool leather goods and some women’s-only shirts. We invite you to check out the new store at

From BRMC Management

Teenage Disease

Watch a clip of “Teenage Disease” from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s live DVD/CD “Live In Paris”.