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BTDT Underwater

By Jeff Toorish Here's a pretty unusual Beat the Devil's Tattoo tag --the photo was shot at about 150 feet under water in Casco Bay, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Elizabeth Maine. I found your song on the website Free Music Archives. Thank you for making it available for non-commercial use. It is a fantastic song. I grew up in the recording business, my father is a musician and song-writer and has several gold albums from the 1950s. The photo was taken by gently tracing the accumulated silt from the side of a sunken ship, the Jessica Ann. It was shot while a team of underwater explorers were attempting to salvage a porthole from the ship. The porthole was attached to the ship so securely, that it seemed as if the Devil himself had tattooed it onto the ship. I've made a music video using your song --you can see it here: Here is a short video about the the Jessica Ann, if you are interested: Hopefully Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will tour in New England some day --I know a lot of people who would come to hear the group.
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