What’s On Interviews

Alice Inggs of What’s On recently interviewed BRMC during their trip to South Africa for Synergy. You can read the interviews in their entirety through the links below. Interview with Peter and Robert Interview with Leah

Synergy Reviews and Photos

Bangers and Nash Review: Don’t Sink, Swim Review:!/2011/11/synergy-live-2011-done.html BPM Life Review and Photos: Dont Party Review: We-Are-Awesome Photos: Kyle Mijlof Photos: Revolution Daily Photos:

Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday – so all items in our web store ship for free today (sorry, but it’s domestic orders only). So if you havent picked up the Baby 81/American X Vinyl or bundle now’s the time. Also, all accessories are still 25% today.

Interview with Leah

EntertainmentAfrica recently interviewed Leah about the forthcoming Synergy Festival:|51793||command|article||subcommand|news||release_type_id|2 The name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But it perfectly describes the rough and ready trio’s down and dirty garage rock sound they’ve peddled since 2001. Now they’re bringing that in-your-face power to South Africa’s Synergy Live festival. “You never […]

SWU Reviews and Photos

Jessica Souza’s Photos: Beatriz Castro’s Photos: Terra Review:,,OI5470340-EI18803,00-Black+Rebel+Motorcycle+Club+mostra+seu+rock+melodico+no+SWU.html Rolling Stone Review and Photos: Agencia Pre7 Review:
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