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LIVE IN PARIS Available For Pre-Sale

‘It was a little over a year ago while sitting in the back of a passenger van outside Tokyo, all of us covered in sweat and half cocked grins trying to catch our breath after having just walked off stage, I just remember someone muttering the idea that we might actually really want to think […]

An Update from Leah: 2/9/15

Click here to watch a video update from Leah on her health and recovery.

New “Lose Yourself” Music Video

Hey everyone, we want to share a new music video which cinematographer Kate Arizmendi and Director Pele Kudren collaborated on for the song “Lose Yourself” from Specter At The Feast. Kate & Pele really felt connected to the video and the song, and contacted us about the project and we’re glad to be able to […]

UPDATE on Leah

Wanted to let everyone know that Leah underwent brain surgery this past Monday— the procedure was successful & went as planned. Her first night in recovery was really tough, but she’s hanging in there. She is still in a lot of pain (as expected) but is alert, eating, and was even walking a little bit! […]

Leah’s GoFundMe Campaign Has Reached It’s Goal

I’ve been genuinely at a loss for words since hearing that the GoFundMe campaign reached the goal $33,300 for my operation. I can’t begin to express my gratitude those of you who helped by donating, as well as our friend Ian of course who started this whole fundraising thing in the first place, I never […]
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