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UPDATE on Leah

Wanted to let everyone know that Leah underwent brain surgery this past Monday— the procedure was successful & went as planned. Her first night in recovery was really tough, but she’s hanging in there. She is still in a lot of pain (as expected) but is alert, eating, and was even walking a little bit! […]

Leah’s GoFundMe Campaign Has Reached It’s Goal

I’ve been genuinely at a loss for words since hearing that the GoFundMe campaign reached the goal $33,300 for my operation. I can’t begin to express my gratitude those of you who helped by donating, as well as our friend Ian of course who started this whole fundraising thing in the first place, I never […]

“I Want to Beleah” T-Shirt

“I Want to Beleah” T-Shirt
As some of you may know, Leah has a serious medical condition requiring brain surgery and months of recovery. Many of you have asked what you can do to help support her and help her get through this, so we came up with this t-shirt design and are launching it in our online store today. […]

A Message From Leah

I wanted to share something very personal with you in the hopes that my experience can help others. A few weeks ago, I started experiencing some unusual symptoms, including dizziness, insomnia, headaches, tingling/numbness in my hands, stiff neck & pain. Even for a drummer, these symptoms were unusual for me so I went to the […]

New BRMC “Anime” Shirt

‘Original design by BRMC fan ‘Joji V. Grey’ is now available as a very limited edition T-Shirt! Everyone please give some love to Joji for finally bringing BRMC to life in anime form and making some truly wild eyed strangeness for your new fall wardrobe’. – BRMC Purchase the limited edition BRMC “Anime” shirt here: […]
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