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News BTDT Sale has BTDT on sale for $6.99 now through Thursday:

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo on iTunes

Purchase Beat the Devil’s Tattoo on iTunes

Amoeba In-Store Tonight!

Tonight at Amoeba – BRMC live at 6pm!! Free/all ages. More info and free BRMC download

Video Premiere: “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” has premiered the new video for the track “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo.” Click Here to watch it now.

Slant Magazine BTDT Review

Slant Magazine’s review of Beat The Devil’s Tattoo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat the Devil’s Tattoo **** by Kevin Liedel on March 7, 2010 Beat the Devil’s Tattoo isn’t some heady exercise in rock transcendence or romanticism. Rather, it’s a greasy, dirty, stomping beast, bleeding mud and exhaling dust, wheezing on ashy cigarettes as the […]
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