Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Scottish Herald Review


Scottish Herald Review

Motorcycle club are racing certainties 19 Apr 2010 There are several certainties at a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig. The group will keep conversation to the bare minimum. Vocalists Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been will be clad, inevitably, in black. And the San Francisco band will be accompanied by a strobe lights display that even Michael Bay would reject for being too forceful. Their music can be somewhat inconsistent, though this two-hour gig played to their strengths. Aided by new drummer Leah Shapiro, there were several choice cuts from louder moments in the trio’s set. Both Red Eyes And Tears and Love Burns, from their 2001 debut, retain a gothic grandeur, with the former swelling into tremendous noise. Berlin was a sleeker beast, and Whatever Happened To My Rock N’ Roll (Punk Song) typically vitriolic. The title track of their new record, Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, was a mutant blues and country thrash, while Shuffle Your Feet and Ain’t No Easy Way proved rollicking rides through Americana. While the grinding, Bo Diddley styled Spread Your Love thrilled, the show ended with the charmingly mellow Open Invitation. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Barrowland Glasgow Jonathan Geddes Star rating: ****
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