September 28, 2005

9:30 Club

Washington DC US

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Tophappy says0 Votes UP / DOWN
I really hate how the english language lacks the words to fully describe that show. I mean... wow.

It's been somewhere around 2 years sence BRMC has been at the 9:30 club... and I had regretted not being able to go to that show for 2 years. When I found about September 28th... I decided that there was no way in hell that I'd miss it.

The best part, for me that is, was when I turned to my friend and said how awesome it would be if BRMC played Love Burns (my favorite song). Then VOILA! There Love Burns was! My friend and I looked at each other in amazement at how I called that.

I only regret having to leave at 11. I really wish that I had gotten to stay until the end (there was probably a grand finale)... and it would have been expressionless to have met (like shake hands with) BRMC. I made it up to BRMC by buying $67 woth of their merch.

You guys really rule... and a fourth album is manditory. Just be sure to have more of the first album's rock 'n' roll in #4.

Oh... I wouldn't ever hesitate to see another BRMC show... and I would drag as many people as I could to it.

I jsut want to say to BRMC; Thanks for the show... it was truely amazing.

Fan for life...
Posted Thursday, September 29, 2005 am30 at 12:26am
Howler says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Jaw-dropping. Stunning. Amazing.

They get better every time I see them.
Posted Thursday, September 29, 2005 pm30 at 8:53pm
sshirzadi says0 Votes UP / DOWN
The best show I have seen this year. I dont know how you guys did it, but man what an amazing performance. Complicated Situation & As Sure As The Sun were clasic.

Posted Saturday, October 1, 2005 pm31 at 4:38pm
cer32 says0 Votes UP / DOWN
What an experience! I'm still not over it. Loved it, guys! So, how about same time, same place this week? I wish. Thanks for a great show.
Posted Monday, October 3, 2005 am31 at 10:46am

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