May 05, 2010

Backstage Werk

Munich DE

war machine
mama taught me better
red eyes and tears
beat the devil's tattoo
love burns
ain't no easy way
weapon of choice
annabel lee
whatever happened to my rock'n'roll
dirty old town
river styx
shuffle your feet
conscience killer
six barrel shotgun
half state
american x
spread your love
shadow's keeper

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rock the cam

-Isabelle-, Baal, bluegit, crmbl, deep_schismic, gorbi, Grisu2001, Humbucker, JonasYearout, kuschel, Lenz, little_rebel, mercutio, miramis, Nenni, OpiumRebel, PainfulReminder, Ploylinz, shaden8778, toorude

What an incredible show (as always) was great seeing BRMC again after first seeing them in Melbourne and being totally blown away by their stage presence and live show...good to see they still have not lost any edge whatsoever..and the new drummer Leah Shapiro fits with the lineup very well..played pretty much everything I could've hoped for, but did not write down the songs as they played (was enjoying myself too much)...anyone got the setlist?

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