November 23, 2010


Frankfurt GERMANY

Members at this show:

Tralalaya, Paula,


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Amazing show! Great Audience, great setlist and great performance by the band.
Highlight for me were the whole club singing along with Robert to "Dirty Old Town", Peter kicking (or stumbling?) against his monitor amp, which then falls off stage during Half State. They also played a great Jam between Salvation and Shadow's Keeper. I loved Leah's drums on this one!

they played about 2h20min.
Setlist was:

1. War Machine
2. Mama Taught Me Better
3. Red Eyes and Tears (with Reprise)
4. Bad Blood
5. Beat The Devil's Tattoo
6. Ain't No Easy Way
7. Rifles
8. Berlin
9. Weapon Of Choice
10. Stop
11. Long Way Down
12. Martyr
13. Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll
14. Dirty Old Town (Robert Acoustic)
15. The Line (Rober Acoustic)
16. Half State
17. Conscience Killer
18. Six Barrel Shotgun
19. Spread Your Love

20. Salvation
21. "Jam"
22. Shadow's Keeper
23. Open Invitation

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