November 07, 2003

Birmingham Academy

Birmingham UK

Six Barrel Shotgun
US Government
Spread Your Love
Love Burns
White Palms
Rise Or Fall
We’re All In Love
New Song
In Like The Rose
Shade Of Blue
Punk Song

Going Under
Red Eyes And Tears
Heart + Soul

Members at this show:

David, lucy-alexandra, Discogod, na_sh, Mat Davies, Eskil,


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jess_g says0 Votes UP / DOWN
my first brmc gig cos i missed the tour off the first album. quality stuff. and i only got drenched in one random persons beer which makes a nice change. great live performance. didn't hear em miss a note, beat or riff the whole time! *round of applause*
Posted Friday, March 12, 2004 pm31 at 2:09pm
unlucky says0 Votes UP / DOWN
rather brillient if you ask me!!!! i remeber me and my sister sitting on the bus going home saying "wow" for the whole bus ride back!
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