October 07, 2005

Brick by Brick

San Diego CA US

Complicated Situation
Fault Line
Devil's Waitin
Shuffle Your Feet
Ain't No Easy Way
Weight of the World
Love Burns
White Palms
Punk Song
As Sure as the Sun
Rise or Fall
Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
US Government
Sympathetic Noose

Spread Your Love
The Line
Gospel Song
Open Invitation

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There must have been something in the air that night... it could have been that it was the 50th Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's Howl reading. Either way, this must have been the BEST show of B.R.M.C.'s U.S. tour! The only San Diego shows I'd been to before were incidentally B.R.M.C. at Cane's opening for Spiritualized and Mark Gardener with Rob Dickinson and Adam Franklin at M Theory in August.

Brick by Brick is the ideal venue for a BRMC gig with only 250 tickets and 299 room capacity. Needless to say, the place was packed completely and sold out. As we waited in line to pick up our tickets, we saw Spike and Peter outside the venue. We met some hardcore fans who had traveled from LA and SF for the show. We shared some concert going stories while waiting for the show to start.

Cat Martino was walking around before the show and got some compliments on her dress when she got on stage. She has a nice voice, which was accompanied by reverb pedals in a very uplifting sound. She was then joined by Mark Gardener and Danny (?). Mark was a member of Oxford band Ride, who Robert often mentions as a favorite band.

Mark was playing a 12 string acoustic guitar accomplanied by Cat on keyboard and Danny with an acoustic guitar. They both had egg shakers during various songs. The songs were mostly from his solo album These Beautiful Ghosts with a band called Goldrush. There were even a few classic Ride songs like the magnificent "Vapour Trail."

Peter came on stage next solo acoustic versions of Complicated Situation, Fault Line, and Devil's Waitin' - during which he was joined by Robert, Nick, and Spike, who's been playing some of the Howl songs with BRMC. The set list was similar to most of the recent shows leaning heavily on Howl and the first album, with the addition of "Rise or Fall."

Throughout the show, every song was played amazingly well with an absolutely mindblowing version of "Gospel Song" - during which Robert nearly crawled over the speakers at the edge of the stage. The band interacted well with the audience and each other with Robert and Peter playing towards Nick during a few songs.

After the show, we saw Nick playing pool. He made some nice shots and said something in Spanish to us. He mentioned how he hasn't figured out how he should sign his signature and said that Peter and Robert's signatures were much nicer than his.
Posted Sunday, October 9, 2005 pm31 at 9:15pm

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