October 15, 2005

Brixton Academy

London UK

Devils Waitin'
Ain't No Easy Way
Love Burns
Punk Song
Spread Your Love
Weight of the World

Members at this show:

Superstar, Hide, Discogod,


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jess says0 Votes UP / DOWN
not nearly long enough. Felt like a greatest hits tour! Love Burns, punk song, stop etc..

Began with Devils waitin. Had about 4 (??) howl songs, new fellow in for most of them (is is name spike?) we also got to see Robert on the organ and peter on the trombone! Really liked that, was very different to anything i had seen before and the new stuff sounded really good.

How fab did peters hair look?? All slicked back, very smart. Nice to see him smiling and getting us to sing along (very odd!)

Left me craving more and they didnt play any of my fave howl songs. lighting was as good as it always is and there was a lovely atmosphere. Other bands not so great.. el presidente were awful! only good thing was their cool drummer (-i want her dress...)

Please come back to London soon and give us a proper show!

Posted Sunday, October 16, 2005 am31 at 8:26am
sleeper says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show. The band looked and sounded great. A plus factor of the short set time was that they were very tight.

They all looked to be enjoying themselves, and played a good mix of material from all three albums. They are getting a really good back catalogue of songs now. Makes for good gigs! Stop, Promise and Devils Waitin' all sounded fantastic.

The support acts and XFM malarky were piss poor though, so hopefully next time they play london, it'll be a headline gig of their own.

Posted Sunday, October 16, 2005 am31 at 8:48am
lois says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Agreed re the whole xfm thing - a hideous menagerie - support acts were pants and there were far, far too many dj's, playing air guitar for chrissakes. Anyway, brmc were brilliant and made the long drive worthwhile - even if it was only 36.897 minutes or whatever it was. :) Ain't No Easy Way was a highlight - lifts your heart when the harmonica stomps in - brilliant. Dying for the full set on Wednesday now.
Posted Sunday, October 16, 2005 am31 at 9:17am
Deelila says0 Votes UP / DOWN
After a long journey via 3 buses (from North to South, lol) I finally get to the Brixton Academy. And it's a long wait til BRMC get on stage, so I trawl around the venue...it's absolutely MASSIVE! Mega loud Indie music is being pumped out on various floors, there are a million DJs, huge queues at the bar and everyone is DRUNK already. It is only 10pm.

I meet up with Chrissymac, who's very lively and chatty and her mate, who' very, um, drunk! We go up to one of the bars upstairs and it's like a farkin' SWEATBOX! In the end it got too much for me and I ended up sitting alone upstairs in the balcony, where I had a pretty good view of the stage. I only heard a few mins worth of El Presidente, but what I heard I liked. I didn't see any other bands. Alex Zane & his colleague on stage were mildly amusing, particularly when his colleague decided to jump off stage and do his air-guitar thing in front of the security cordon...unfortunately for him, he got told off by a big burly bouncer, and had to go back up on stage...ROTFLMAO!!!!!

At last it's 12.35 and Peter walks onto the stage to sing a really beautiful version of "Devil's Waitin'". The rest of the band join him and a pretty fine rendition of "Howl" follows...I jus love it when that guitar kicks in! I was cheering and clapping as loud as I could. I can never hear enough of "Ain't No Easy Way" and I desperately wanted to get up and DANCE, but a few brave souls to the left of me had been told by the security guys to sit back down. Grrrr! The track is such a foot-stomper I was dancing in my seat!!!

Nex song I think was "Love Burns", always a great farkin' track to hear live :) and then one of my all-time faves "Stop". I could see some people being lifted outta the crowd right at the front coz some stupid oafs were pushing and stuff. I'm glad I didn't go to the front of the stage. If you are a short person like me it's HELL if others are squashing you.

I really couldn't work out the crowd, coz they really got into some of the songs but then just stood there like plonkers for great tracks like the upcomin' new single "Weight Of The World" and a beautiful version of "Promise". All too soon it was over, and I saw Robert toss his water bottle into the crowd, and Peter waved goodbye!

Did my best to shout n scream for an encore.

I managed to speak to Robert and Peter afterwards. In fact, I bumped into Robert on the stairs! I told him I'd been enthusing about the band for a long time now and that it'd been a good show. "Keep on enthusing!" he said to me. Robert seems quite shy (or maybe bit wary of fans??) but I managed to chat to him for a brief time. He's really nice. Photos of him DO NOT do him justice.

I then had the good fortune to speak to Peter who was waiting outside with a small group of people. I didn't see any other fans. Peter told me that they'd been told to shorten their set, and in fact they'd been asked to make it even shorter than it was. Christ! He also said he thinks BRMC are "...better in more intimate venues". I agree. Peter certainly looks really different off-stage, smaller and thinner. And yep, the hair is kinda cool!!!! All the things I'd wanted to say to both Peter and Robert had gone out the window when I met them...I musta been a bit starstruck. I ended up feeling like a lemon LOL! and also worried I was encroaching on their private time. Sadly, didn't get to meet Nick. Also, I think I saw Spike, but he was with a bunch of people and I sorta lost my nerve!!!!

All in all, GREAT to see the band again, FANTASTIC to, at last, get the chance to say hi to Robert and Peter. Shame about the boozy crowd.

Keep on truckin' boys. You KNOW that you are the real deal.

With much love, respect and admiration for you, BRMC.

Dee Lila :)
Posted Monday, October 17, 2005 am31 at 4:59am