August 10, 2004

El Rey Theatre

Los Angeles CA US

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Here's the set list (snapped a pic of it - it was hanging in the sound booth). This is word for word off the page.

1. Complicated Situation
2. Shuffle Your Feet
3. Love Burns
4. Going Under
5. Down Here
6. US. Government (alt version)
7. Gospel
8. Salvation
9. Heart & Soul

Highlights were the alternate version of US Government, Heart & Soul, and the new song "Gospel". The whole set was great but those really stood out. Nick played with those soft sounding drum sticks that are made up of multiple sticks tied together.. ugh I can't remember what they're called. Peter and Rob each played 2 acoustics (their standard Gibsons plus each had a Yamaha and Peter had a black Guild). No bass, just 2 guitars and drums for the whole set. The sound was excellent and they had no tech problems as far as I know.

The alt version of US Government sounded like it was played in a different key, though I'm not sure. The vocals were all harmonies and much higher than usual. Nick was playing with one stick and a tambourine for a lot of the show.. smacking cymbals with the tambourine and using it like a drum stick.

Overall, it was a very unique show and I had a great time!