March 16, 2006


Middlesborough UK

Grind My Bones
Fault Line
Restless Sinner
Shuffle Your Feet
Ain't No Easy Way
White Palms
Six Barrel Shotgun
In Like the Rose
Weight of the World
Sympathetic Noose
Gospel Song
Shade Of Blue
Red Eyes and Tears
Spread Your Love
Punk Song

Devil's Waitin'
The Line
Heart + Soul
Open Invitation

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josejones says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
GRAND, MAJESTIC, GUTT RIPPING, LOUD, MAGNIFICENT. The sacramento show at the EmpirE CluB was that and more. Paying 60 dollars for two tickets(service charges and all) it feels like i didnt pay enough. Not being able to include Love Burns in the set, 10 minutes after the show was over MR. Peter Hayes came out to street outside the club with his guitar and played love burns, as if that wasnt enough he went out his way and played us Too Real and other songs including a song he said hes been working on in the past few days, and which most likely be in the next record, all this was just for a crowd of barely 20 fans. A little insight i got when i spoke with him. Peter said after being done touring they're going into the studio again, we shall wait and what they have in store for us. ++Sacramento show is surely a highlight of the year++ (at least for myself) -josejONes
Posted Friday, March 17, 2006 pm31 at 3:47pm
porcupiny says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
We arrived at the Empire around 7:45 PM. The opening band The Losing Streaks were already playing. They were a funny looking band - strange haircuts and oddly mismatched outfits, even more so than Elefant. Their music was your standard good time garage rock - a bit generic, but a light fun way to start the show. I was a little surprised to hear them as openers for BRMC. There were a few people who were totally dancing to their music (who actually continued their dancing to BRMC).

A peculiar thing I noticed about the Losing Streaks was the white curly guitar patch cords. They put on a fairly exciting set and one of the guitarists actually jumped off stage to play in the slightly empty audience. He also stood on the speaker stacks for one song. The drummer occasionally took over on vocals and kept going to get more drumsticks so he could throw them up and catch them. There was no other opening band, which was a little surprising too since I thought Voyager One would be there.

BRMC went on soon after the Losing Streaks. I noticed that Nick was on stage more to play tambourine as Peter opened the show with "Grind My Bones," which was chillingly good and brought back fond memories of Hotel Cafe. Next was "Restless Sinner" and the usual songs on the setlist played to perfection. Some interesting moments during the show included Robert having trouble with the piano keyboard before "Promise" and then telling us how it was totally fake and made by the tour manager in two days. He said it folds down to pack away each night while Wic pulled out the keyboard for him. Then, he said that was the most he talked during the whole tour.

Other highlights of the show were "White Palms" - always a crowd pleaser, "In Like the Rose" - a recent live favorite, "Shade of Blue" - beautiful as usual, and "Red Eyes and Tears" - which has always gotten a great response from the audience. Peter spoke a little with the audience asking when the last time they played Sacramento - that was 2003 at Harlow's. Since people were calling out for "Love Burns," Peter said he would play it outside.

Peter's mini acoustic set included "Love Burns," "Too Real," "RIng of Fire," "Castles Made of Sand" - which he sang very softly, part of "El Paso," part of a new song he's been working on about crying, and ending with "Complicated Situation." He gave his guitar to a couple people while he watched with a smile. Peter's acoustic set was such a nice treat after an excellent performance that night from him and the rest of BRMC. Spike was also outside watching the whole set.
Posted Saturday, March 18, 2006 am31 at 1:28am
jodi says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
Another excellent show! I think Liane covered all of the important bits. Another thing Robert mentioned onstage was that he didn't like the city of Sacramento (most likely referring to the political landscape here, something that he confirmed after the show when he explained that Peter was made to stop his acoustic set outside due to a stupid city ordinance), but he liked the people of it. YAY!

Almost identical setlist to the SF show with the exception of "Grind My Bones" in place of "Feel It Now" and Robert didn't continue with his made up song after "Heart + Soul".

And since I'm the ultimate merch girl (ha!), I have to mention that the thermal long sleeve shirt and the pullover hoodie are my new favorite articles of clothing! I mangaged to refrain from buying the new black Zippo, but I now have else that was available. Somebody stop me!

Posted Saturday, March 18, 2006 pm31 at 6:15pm
caifan877 says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
It was an experience. The last time I saw the BRMC was some years ago when they were promoting their first album and that was a great show. But now, with 3 albums worth of material to choose from, they have put together an amazing repertoire. It's great to see they have also grown as musicians and instrumentalist. I had to do a double take when Peter started playing the trombone, not expecting that. It was an spiritual experience.
The acoustic show afterward was very rewarding. Peter was very accessible, friendly, funny, amiable. He even had a little sing along going with Ring of Fire. I could not help smiling when the guy could not get enough smokes and/or lighters to light up his cigarettes, but I guess we all were just looking for a way to extend our gratitude. It was a memorable night.
Posted Saturday, March 18, 2006 pm31 at 10:18pm

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