May 03, 2010


Cologne DE

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Hey everbody out there in the rebel-world!
Here are some facts from the fantastic show in the club called "Essigfabrik" in cologne (germany):

The band entered the stage at 9.45pm. In the next nearly two hours they played 24 great songs. They began with "War Machine". What a perfect start for the 1100 spectators (nearly sold out) in the hot&sweaty venue.
Song 2 was "Mama Taught Me Better". Everybody liked the new material.
Next highlights: a XL-version of "Red Eyes And Tears" and "Bad Blood". And after these four songs Robert was sweating so much, that he puts out his leatherjacket.

I really loved the light show. The spots were creating a magic atmosphere. The rebels looked like demons when the light shines from beneath into their faces.

Song 5: "Bleed The Devil's Tattoo"
Song 6: Fantastic "Love Burns" (crowd started to jump)
Song 7: "Ain't No Easy Way"
The beautiful Leah Shapiro worked soooo hard on her drums like a butcher hits his steaks. Respect!!!
Song 8: "Aya"
Song 9: "Berlin" (yeaaah! One of my personal favourites!)
Song 10: "Weapon Of Choice" (and the start for crowdsurfing)
What followed (not the correct list):
"Whatever Happned..." (glorious!), "Open Invitation", "Conscience Killer", "Six Barrel Shotgun" and for me the best song this night was "Spread Your Love".
End of the show 11.40pm! What a great, fantastic, heartblooded performance. Again! It was smy 5th BRMC-show, five times fantastic. But I have to say:
This one was the BEST!!!!
So this night is the best motivation for driving to the Area-4-Festival, to see the next breathtaking show.
Thank you...

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