September 15, 2010


Pomona CA US

Members at this show:

Weirdwolf76, rebelmel82, liquidpeprmint, jodijay333, caseyk23,


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audelising, birdie, bsidesrule, btrflygirl, capital_m, Dana, ehmellevee, famouswhendead, francinelenet, jeffadc, jodi, kubiki, Laura_brmc, liquidpeprmint, lolowerd, marshalcanyon14, mixter_, mjhill2002, Motoshagg21, piwaket, porcupiny, psemel, satshabad, squirrel81, teddyboy54, vjrforrest, vv00xx, weirdwolf76

satshabad says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show guys, I loved the version of "Tattoo" the tension at the beginning really built up the song. The acoustic set was amazing as always. Leah's drumming was right on and sounded terrific, keep up the good work. Pete your guitar style never ceases to wow me, I just loved the riffs on "Conscience Killer." Thanks for an unforgettable show.

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